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For many businesses using a cloud approach to computing, very little information is stored on the specific computer in front of their employee. The computer uses a login to access information that is mirrored in the digital cloud. Keeping that cloud secure can be a challenge, which is why Nerds 2 You provides cloud internet security in Perth. We have the experience necessary to protect your data and keep your business safe while giving you a cost effective way to manage your business files.

One of the challenges with multiple users is making sure that everyone is following good Internet hygiene rules. Anti-virus updates and patches should be installed in a timely fashion, certain types of website should be avoided, and computers should be watched to ensure that any trouble is dealt with in a timely fashion. With our cloud security solution, your IT professionals can monitor all of the computers on your network, get regular reports about any troublesome activity, and remotely manage installations and uninstalls when necessary.

Our cloud solutions also give you easy access to updating user accounts. Out-of-date user accounts are one of the primary methods for hackers to gain access to data systems. One of the simplest ways for companies to manage their Internet security is simply to remove old accounts when employees leave the company.

Let Nerds 2 You manage your cloud computing security in Perth by contacting us today. We will find out what your business needs to be successful and set you up with a platform that can meet your needs. If you are interested in having your IT managed by us rather than hiring a full IT department, that service is also available. Call us today for more details.

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