No one likes to have their computer fail, especially at some critical moment. While we can’t stop this from ever happening to you, we can minimise the impact, getting your computer fixed as quickly as possible.

Trust the Experts for Your Computer Fixes

At Nerds 2 You, we have experience working on both PC and Mac computers. We can help with laptops, as well as desktops. Whether you need help with a personal or business computer, we can fix it for you.

If you’re a small business owner you understand the importance of your public image and how potential customers perceive you.

Every day is as important as the last and, though your tightly run operation is ticking all the boxes and steadily making a name, what happens when your IT systems let you down? Depending on the kind of business you operate this sudden break in service could result in customer frustration and negative word-of-mouth that may have a detrimental effect.

Fortunately, Nerds 2 You provide fast, efficient computer services Morley small business owners can rely on so that any system malfunction is professionally resolved before you have to start worrying about your customers taking their cash elsewhere.

We Offer Computer Services Anywhere In Morley

Nerds 2 You has been in the business of helping a plethora of small business owners since we were established in 2013. Rather than your business facing a temporary closure while you take your tech down to the shop to see if it’s even possible that someone could repair it there and then, Nerds 2 You offer a mobile service 7 days a week.

Better still, our technicians have decades of combined experience working in IT repairs and support meaning you can have confidence in our ability to effectively diagnose and solve your computer issues.

What If My Small Business Never Needs Computer Repairs?

Every small business relies on technology to some extent. Perhaps you experienced success in the past but things have slowed down. The problem may not lie in the service you provide, but the systems you employ which may be out-dated, or compared to your competitors, are less efficient. As you well know customers place immense value on their time so any service that lags where faster alternatives exist just won’t last.

Say you are a graphic designer running a small business from your home. When was the last time you upgraded your laptop or Mac? Have you noticed that the operating system is less responsive than it once was and takes longer to process commands? These are all indicators that the hard disk is under strain and could potentially crash, losing all of your data, which means your business, unless you’ve regularly been backing it up.

Regardless, the longer it takes you to complete projects, the more time you are wasting and the more clients you are likely going to have to either turn away or let down.

Nerds 2 You can help in a number of ways. We facilitate everything from cloud backup solutions, PC or Mac upgrades, malware removal and laptop repairs. Morley small business owners, like small business owners everywhere, are the lifeblood of the community, that’s why Nerds 2 You ensure that when tech lets them down we’re there to pick them right back up.

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Get The Best Computer Services On The Market

Nerds 2 You regularly make onsite calls to small business owners whose positive reviews can be read on our website among the countless other individuals and private residents we have worked for. No problem is new to our technicians and we promise that our priority is always you and your business.

That’s the kind of service we believe in and the kind of computer repairs Morley small business owners and residents deserve. So whenever the tech gives you trouble give Nerds 2 You a call or fill out the online query form. We’ll get a quick quote to you ASAP, and before long you’ll be back conquering the business world!

Do You Need Priority Computer Repairs In Morley?

If so then we have your back! Nerds 2 You is a team of enthusiastic computer repair and IT service specialists who have years of experience resolving complex computer issues. If your computer is giving you trouble, or won’t even turn on, then you need to call the experts. We will come directly to you to check your machine and service it on the spot. We provide a fast and effective service that is sure to have you back using your system quickly.

We Repair All Computer Problems Big And Small

Everybody experiences computer trouble at some point in time. They can range in seriousness, but often even small issues can indicate the start of a machine’s declining health. Small shortcomings in performance may be tolerable, but they certainly should not go ignored. Some of the most common issues that we deal with include:

  • Computer doesn’t turns on – if you’re lucky, then the power chord or AC adapter has failed. If the chord is dead, we can replace it with a new one. A more serious cause could be the DC jack failed and the motherboard is no longer receiving power from the adapter. Replacing the DC jack is more complex and requires a professional technician to ensure no further damage is caused. The very worst case scenario is that the motherboard failed and needs to be replaced.
  • Blank screen – the unit turns on, the power LED lights up and the cooling fan works, but nothing appears on the screen. This can come down to memory failure; it’s possible one of the memory modules failed. If so it may be necessary to disassemble the computer to fully test that the memory modules are seated properly and making good contact with the slot. However, it could also be possible that the motherboard or the processor have failed and need to be replaced.
  • Excessive noise while the computer is running – this noise is coming from the cooling fan or the hard drive. If the fan doesn’t spin, but the computer makes noise, the problem is likely coming from the hard drive. In this case, we can perform a complete backup of all your essential files and then install a replacement hard drive.
  • PC shuts down or freezes – this could be an issue related to temperature. The fan heat sink may be clogged with dust and dirt which prevents the processor from cooling down properly. Great care must be taken when cleaning the heat fan sink so as not to damage any of the components and prevent them from working correctly.
  • Laptop battery doesn’t charge properly – it is likely that the battery has failed. If it doesn’t charge completely the battery may not be connected properly. Running the laptop from the power supply with the battery removed can help determine if the issue is battery related or if it concerns the computer’s internal components. Note that if the issue lies with the battery, then we can supply you with a replacement one so you can still use your laptop untethered. Laptops can also stop charging because of a failed DC power connector. If the battery charges only after you adjust the position of AC adapter tip inside the connector, it is most likely that the DC jack failed and will require an experienced technician.
  • A distorted image on the screen – the graphics card may have failed. Testing the computer out on a different monitor can help distinguish the problem. If the distortion persists then you will require a new graphics card as well as a technician to install it correctly. Other causes for screen distortion could be a poor connection between the video cable and motherboard or screen.
  • Liquid spilt on the computer – spills are very dangerous and unpredictable. If this happens, turn off the computer immediately and do not use it until all internal parts are inspected for liquid damage. It may be possible to salvage the computer, but the wisest thing to do is to call a technician who fully understands the risks that moisture poses to the internal components and electronic elements of a computer. Simply drying individual parts of the computer is not enough to remedy the situation and this can also pose risks. Never apply a blow dryer to any part of a computer, heat applied to areas of a computer can affect the soldering and wiring and lead to irreparable damage.

At Nerds 2 You, we can the technical expertise, the experience and the necessary equipment to solve the above issues where and when they arise. In most cases, we can repair your unit on the same day. All of the products we install include a twelve-month warranty. If it fails after installation, then we will replace it free of charge so you can rest assured that your system is in safe hands.

The Benefits Of Computer Services With Nerds 2 You

Regardless of how big or small your issue is we charge a flat rate on an hourly basis. If your problem is resolved in less than an hour, then our technician will stay on hand for the hour and give your computer a tune-up. They will also show you with any other advice or service that you or your computer could benefit from. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of keeping your computer safe and secure online. Our technicians will advise on good antivirus software and firewall protection.

We perform detailed diagnostics on all computers to get to the heart of the issue. Once we know exactly what we are dealing with, we advise the best plan of action for your machine and provide you with a quote up front. We can also offer upgrades on all hardware and software regardless of what machine brand of computer you use.

Computer repairs are a good investment

You never know what could happen to your computer, and you will need experts to help you protect your computer. There is only so much you can do yourself, and you can’t let a compromised computer keep you from working for too long. You will find that if you invest in a good computer repairs company, you won’t spend nearly as much time doing nothing and make back the difference in terms of productivity.

Your Computer Might Let You Down, But We Won’t!

If you require fast and effective PC repairs in Morley, then there is only one place to look. Take a look at our website and see the full range of services we offer. You can also read the testimonials from our satisfied customers and get a sense of just how committed we are to delivering a quality repair service. Don’t let your computer slow you down, call Nerds 2 You today and let us get you back on track.

Computer repairs Morley businesses can rely on

We have been helping businesses in Morley get back to work with reliable computer repairs that properly address the problem. You can trust us to get your computers back to working condition soon so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Nerds 2 You provides personal & affordable Data Recovery services, Computer Cleanup & Tuning, Virus & Spyware Removal, Computers Upgrades & Repairs & Business Maintenance & Support services.

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Call Nerds 2 You Today!

Instead of requiring you to bring your computer to us, we’ll come out to your home or business location in Morley. We do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible for you, including our explanation of the necessary computer repairs. We are so confident in our work that we offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee on all Morley computer fixes we complete. Call us today to get your computer back up and running.



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