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The gold standard to protect sensitive information is to have both an onsite and an offsite backup. When you store your data in two locations, you ensure that a natural disaster won’t affect your ability to recover your data, and reduce the risk of data corruption being a factor in your recovery. When you need data storage in Perth, Nerds 2 You is here to help you protect your information.

By storing your business data offsite, you ensure that even if you have a catastrophic computer failure at your location, your data should be safely available. Once your equipment is ready to restore, you will be able to quickly transfer your data and get back to business.

If your business regularly uses very sensitive data, then storing it offsite may actually be the best way to comply with legal regulations around information. In many cases, offsite data storage will mean that you have better access to high quality firewalls and breach prevention. Instead of worrying about managing your own anti-virus and malware updates and making sure that your employees never click on a suspicious link, you trust us to take care of it for you.

Data storage can also be useful for Perth families. If you want the safety of a backup, but don’t have a convenient place to store an extra hard drive in your home, using offsite data storage can help you protect your treasured memories and important files without needing to connect and disconnect an external hard drive.

If you think that data storage in Perth might be helpful for your family or business, give Nerds 2 You a call today. We will help you decide the best way to support your needs, and set you up with an easy solution that is accessible to you.

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