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A new computer can feel fantastic: everything is faster, more responsive, and better tuned. But none of your files are where you left them, and none of your favourite programs have been downloaded. What should you do? Your time is too valuable to spend all day downloading one program after another, getting all your files reinstalled in all the right places, and generally figuring out all the reasons that your new computer isn’t behaving like your old one. Instead of spending your time fighting with data transfer, come to Nerds 2 You in Perth for help.

We take the data off your old computer, scan it carefully for any hidden malware or viruses, and then reinstall it on your new computer, exactly where you expect it to be. Even with customers who believe their data to be completely clean, we find about 70% of computers have a malware infection in their data. While many of these data bugs are relatively harmless, they will slow down your new computer, and leave you frustrated with its performance.

We also keep all of your data backed up on our secure server for 30 days. If you find that something you expected to be transferred is not present, just get in touch; we will get the appropriate file to you immediately.

When you need data transfer in Perth, call Nerds 2 You. We can quickly get your data transferred from one system to another, setting up your preferences and making sure that your new computer is ready to go with everything you need. Don’t spend another minute trying to figure out where to download a safe copy of your favourite browser; call Nerds 2 You today.

Need data transferred from one device to another?

Enquire now or call (08) 6444 9674 to request a free quote and let us help you today!

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