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The Internet has rapidly expanded in the last few decades, and as it has expanded, it has become ever more ubiquitous in our lives. Even young children now use the Internet to access school curriculums, fun games, and age appropriate activities. Responsible parents want to give their kids access to these tools and entertainments while making sure that they stay away from the inappropriate parts of the Internet. This is where parental control setup in Perth comes in.

Most smart devices and computer operating systems come with some variety of parental control software. But not all parental software is created equal. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to filter out certain words, entire websites, or only let them access a limited selection of approved apps or locations. We can help you define exactly what you need parental control software to do and set it up to match your needs.

Are you more concerned about time limits or your child looking at links that you don’t approve? Do you want to be able to review everything your child did online, or are you more concerned with seeing what apps they accessed in general? Different software options have different strengths. We will help you find the right one to keep your children safe.

While our parents might have simply kept us off the Internet in general, that’s no longer an option with today’s kids. Kids use the Internet to conduct research, complete review activities for their school work, or connect with long distance family. Modern parents look for ways to manage their child’s interactions and keep them safe without limiting them entirely. At Nerds 2 You, we understand your desire to keep your child safe. We will help you with the parental control software setup to effectively manage that need.

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