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When your Windows computer stops functioning the way you expect, you can feel incredibly frustrated. Problems can occur after you’ve just downloaded a new update to Windows 10, when a website gives you some unexpected results and your computer seems to be running strangely, when you’re getting messages about overheating and crashes, and a variety of other issues. In all of these cases, your computer may need some level of repair. In Perth, Nerds 2 You is one of the premiere experts on diagnosing and repairing your Windows PC or laptop.

Whether you are experiencing a component failure, a malware attack, or something in between, we can figure out what is going on with your computer by using our diagnostic tools and years of experience. Once we understand what is causing the problem, we are usually able to repair it, either by removing the troublesome program or update, fixing your settings, or replacing the component that is causing the problem. And of course, before we start work, we will provide you with a complete quote as to the expected cost of our repair work.

There are occasional times when we are unable to repair your computer. When that happens, you can trust us to explain, in clear language, why repair is impossible. We can help you find the right new computer for your budget, and can even assist you in getting the new computer set up, and your data transferred over. When you have your Windows computer repaired in Perth by Nerds 2 You, you are getting complete service for your needs.

If your computer won’t turn on, is acting strange, or is regularly crashing, contact the techs at Nerds 2 You. Save yourself time and effort, and let us do the repair work for you. Contact us today to get started.

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