Why Your Business Should Use Office 365

Office 365 is just the latest in software that has moved to a regular subscription model instead of one-time payments for software licensing. What benefits will your business receive for signing up for Office 365, instead of using a free software equivalent or continuing to buy a one-time license for your document creation software?

Easy, Regular Updates

With Office 365, you don’t need to worry about missing out on new features that are available only on the newest software, or having problems with different computers not being able to access files due to different Word or Excel versions. When Office 365 updates, the cloud updates automatically, and desktop versions update when they are accessed. Your subscription entitles you to all updates throughout the year, so functionality is maintained no matter what happens.

Integrated Features

Office 365 has worked to facilitate the interfaces between Outlook, Skype, Word, and other Office programs. There is no more frustration as items from one program fail to import into another, requiring some strange workaround. You can use Skype to contact another employee or customer, work on a document together, and then click to send it through your integrated email.

Secure Storage

One of the most noticeable vectors for data loss is misplaced laptops or computers. When computers connect to cloud systems, such as Office 365, it is much easier to limit or entirely negate this sort of data loss. While physical computers can more easily be hacked, removing a computer’s access to a cloud system is a fairly simple and quick process. While there are a very few document creation tasks that must be done on the desktop versions of Office software, the vast majority of edits and data creation can be done in the security of the cloud.

Email Options

Many small businesses struggle to provide email to their employees; setting up and maintaining in-office email can be aggravating, and too many offices turn to using personal email instead of professional. With an Office 365 subscription, employers can set up office email which they can monitor and secure appropriately.

While some businesses get frustrated at the perceived increase in expense from the legacy model of software purchasing to the subscription model, it has substantial benefits for enterprise customers. Once companies adjust, the budgetary concerns are simpler as well; instead of trying to anticipate when an upgrade will need to be completed, they simply pay for the company’s subscription, and move along.

If you want to get set up with an Office 365 subscription or a business email account, contact Nerds 2 You. We’ll help you get set up today and can even provide training on the software to help you and your employees move forward.


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