When something goes wrong with your computer, it can be incredibly stressful. Naturally, you’ll want to get it fixed right away. Here at Nerds 2 You, we believe in fast, friendly service that will get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We operate in Belmont and the surrounding areas 7 days a week, so you’ll never be without help when you need it most.

There are few feelings quite as chilling as those experienced when your computer suddenly crashes. This is the device that is home to your work, your personal data and most likely all the photos you took over the last few years.

It’s a feeling that hits those who didn’t heed repeated warnings from family members and colleagues to back up their data over the years because they know that if they had taken action the sudden possibility of their computer being fried wouldn’t be such a stressful event.

However, all’s not lost and fortunately Nerds 2 You offers computer repairs Belmont residents and natives of Perth have relied on to rescue their devices from the brink.

How Our Computer Services In Belmont Started

The company was established in 2013 by owner and managing director Jamie Wright who, after working for over a decade in IT support and repairs, assembled a team of professionals with extensive experience who now bring tech solutions to your doorstep. That’s right; Nerds 2 You is a mobile service available 7 days a week and caters to all manner of tech problems regardless of how large or small. Our team cut through the jargon associated with IT repairs and deliver a fast, efficient service with a focus on customer satisfaction and education.

It is unfair to assume that despite the ubiquity of technology everybody recognises when their device has a problem, but there are a few things to look out for that might signal that something is not quite right, and taking precautions can buy you some time before our nerds arrive.

Our Computer Repairs In Belmont Can Fix Your Hard Disk 

Failure of the hard disk has proven to be the most common hardware issue owners deal with. Time simply catches up with the machine and before long parts that are years old will eventually stop working. Most people don’t realise just how sensitive a hard drive is and that with one careless knock they can get scratched, compromising all of the data stored in that area. At Nerds 2 You, we recommend that all clients back up their data regularly, so that in the event of a sudden loss, files, photos and all the data that is specific and precious to you are not lost.

Key indicators that your hard disk is in danger of failing include:

• Multiple or regular crashes
• Over-heating
• Scratches or clicking noises
• Slow performance
• A blue screen

Where any or many of the above are familiar and can be identified as specific issues you regularly encounter then the time is now to backup your disk if you already haven’t, and give Nerds 2 You a call.

Computer services and computer repairs in Belmont

If your PC is in trouble and you need reliable computer repair in a hurry, call Nerds2You for the best computer services in Belmont. We are experts in fixing computers, and we can perform any kind of PC repair necessary.

What makes us different from other Belmont computer services is that Nerds2You really will send nerds to you as soon as you call. We will repair your computer on the spot, right in your own home or office.

This saves you a lot of time and trouble, and means you have minimal interruption to your productivity. This is why we’re the best service to call in the Perth suburb of Belmont.

Nerds2You is your best source for computer repair in Belmont

When you think of all the advantages our local Belmont PC repair services provide, it’s clear that Nerds2You is the best choice. We come to you, we provide excellent value, we fix your computer problems promptly and with the skill only expert knowledge can deliver.

With a computer service that comes to you, the obvious time saving is valuable. You can get back to using your computer sooner. For business clients, this is more than enough reason on its own to choose Nerds2You. Whether you are a business or a home user, however, we’ll give you the same great service and fair prices, and that’s why we’re the best.

Computer services are important for every company

You might think that because computer problems do not happen for you, you don’t need computer services at all. Why pay for a service that you will never use?

But every company will run into computer problems at some point in their lifetime. There will be issues that occur and you will need to get computer repairs in order to fix it. The worst part is, computer problems usually occur when you least expect them. That also means computer repairs will have a greater urgent need when you realise you do not have a company who can quickly come in and do the repairs.

You can prevent a large number of problems occurring if you have a computer services company properly looking after your systems. When a problem happens, you can have a technician over to perform computer repairs without having to search for someone to fix your computer.

Businesses of all sizes know the importance of having good IT protection, which is why they either have their own IT team or work with an IT services company who will help them do so.

Computers will run into problems, and you will need computer repairs

Even if businesses have good IT protection, that doesn’t change the fact that you still can’t remember the last time your computer had a problem. You still don’t see the need for computer services. Even if a problem did pop up, you would be able to take care of it yourself.

For some computer problems, this is true. You can backup files in an external hard drive or run the occasional anti-virus scan to get rid of a pesky computer virus.

But other computer problems are not that easy to address. An ageing or damaged hard drive, for example, is not something you want an amateur to fix. There is too much at stake. You need a computer professional to come in and repair your hard drive. In the worst case scenario, you have to salvage what data you can and move it to another drive.

If a virus has hidden itself in your computer and is slowing it down, it might not be as simple as running an anti-virus program. You may have to restore a previous backup on your computer, and in rare cases reset your computer back to factory settings.

You can’t see into the future, and you might not know what IT or computer problems you run into then. Computer repairs will be necessary, and it is better to be prepared than be caught unaware.

Virus and malware removal

One of the most annoying problems you could face with your computer is if it becomes infected by a virus, especially one of those ransomware programs that locks your computer up if you don’t pay a hefty ransom before the deadline expires. By the way, it is never worth it to pay the ransom, and you should avoid doing that.

Malware is any kind of software that causes your computer to develop undesirable behaviour. This includes viruses but is not limited to them. The undesirable behaviour may be readily evident, or it may be quite sneaky. You may expect this kind of software to be created only by criminals, but even some legitimate store-bought software titles have been found to contain malware features.

Some versions of certain Adobe software, for example, were found to have a secret phone home feature included. Just having such a feature does not, by itself, put the software in the category of malware.

What does tip it in that direction is that the feature was hidden, not something the user would be likely to consent to, attempted to conceal the destination of the data packet, and that the destination was a receiver that most people would not be happy to share their information with. The worst part is that Adobe may not have even included the feature on purpose. It all depends who you believe. Nor is Adobe the only closed source software developer that has included features that are common features of spyware and malware applications. There’s actually a long list of them.

The difference between ordinary malware and legitimate software that includes features that make it behave as malware is that the legitimate software probably is being used for things you want to keep it for. In that case you don’t want to remove the software entirely, just remove or block the features that are undesirable.

Nerds2You can help you get your system running cleanly, without any undesirable activity going on in the background. It’s just one of our many services, but one that is constantly in demand.

Computers getting viruses is not unusual

Even if you do everything as you’re supposed to, newer viruses have ways of infiltrating your computer. It’s not a sign of negligence to have to deal with a virus.

Computer services done well gets rid of a virus effectively

It’s more than running anti-virus software and quarantining a virus. You want to make sure that your computer is completely virus free. If you’re not sure how to make sure a virus is truly gone, get an IT professional to take a look.

Computer repairs are not a good idea for getting rid of viruses

You can’t fix hardware and expect the computer to be free from viruses. You need to go into your computer system and fix the problem from there.

Data recovery and file recovery

If you have important files that get corrupted or deleted by accident before you have chance to make a backup copy of them, there is a possibility of getting those files back if you act quickly enough.

File recovery is only recommended for situations where the data is essential. It usually isn’t cheap, and it can be a destructive process. The files you’re recovering have to be worth it.

The most important thing in a file recovery scenario is that you want to be sure there is no additional disk I/O activity once the problem is discovered. This will prevent the physical area of the disk from being overwritten with new data.

If the files were stored on removable media such as an SD card, USB flash drive, or external hard drive, this is the best situation. You can simply remove the storage media and continue using your computer as you normally would.

When the files were stored on an internal hard drive, it’s a really different situation, especially if that hard drive is the same one the operating system is located on. In this case, it may be best to perform an emergency shutdown and cease all use of the computer until the files have been recovered.

The easiest way to perform an emergency shutdown on most Windows systems is to hold in the power switch for six seconds.

You should always have backups of your computer files

It is easy to say that you are prepared in the event you lose your files, but you might be thinking about retrieving a single Word document from an external hard drive. When something vital to your computer’s operation is compromised, that is when you realise the importance of having your computer’s files backed up.

A good computer services company will do regular backups for you

You know you are with a good computer services company when they perform regular backups of your files. That way you can always restore a previous backup and not worry too much about losing anything vital.

System builds and upgrades

Not all of our computer services in Belmont are focused on repairs. We also provide many other IT services. We help our clients get better value when they buy new computers or upgrade their existing systems.

Our custom built systems give you better value than brand name computers because we build only using quality components. Retail brand name computers can never really compete for value with a custom built system because the manufacturers have too many costs to recover, preventing them from providing true value. They usually need to make compromises somewhere, and that most often is in the quality of the components.

Buying your computer from Nerds2You means you get a reliable computer that will give superior performance compared to a store-bought computer for the same (or less) cost.

Always think about why you need a computer

It might be obvious that you need a computer for work, but what do you need that computer to do? It is nice to say you have the latest and greatest computer parts installed, but was it really necessary?

Get your IT services company to look at your requirements and have them explain to you why they are choosing certain computers over others.

Computer Repairs Belmont Residents Can Trust

There will be times where your computer will run into issues with its hardware. You will also run into the occasional software problem. Neither of which you know how to resolve on your own.

In those cases, you are going to need a computer services company to come over and take a look. Trying to repair the problem yourself seems like an option, but you could end up causing more harm than good. Leave the repairs to experts like Nerds2You.

Will Nerds 2 You’s Computer Services Fix Every Problem?

Our technicians work to the best of their ability to remedy each and every problem we encounter. However, in some instances, the cost of repair may, in-fact, prove to be more expensive than transferring your data to a brand new machine.

Where this occurs we offer the client the choice between repair and moving on from their old machine. We don’t believe in complicating things for our clients or see them unnecessarily out of pocket. We simply offer computer services Belmont and natives of Perth can trust and depend on.

So whether you require PC, Mac, or laptop repairs, Nerds 2 You is ready and waiting to take your order.

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Desktop and Laptop Computer Servicing in Belmont

We are ready to assist with your laptop or traditional desktop computer on either Windows or Mac operating systems. Whether you are a home user or are working in a business environment, we can help solve your computer problems. We’ll even come to your location so that you don’t need to move your computer across town.

Straightforward, No-Nonsense Help

Some computer repair companies will try to overwhelm you with a lot of tech jargon so that you’ll let them get away with charging you the world for basic repairs, simply because you didn’t understand what they were talking about. At Nerds 2 You, we will explain everything in a clear way so that you know exactly what is going on. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Computer Services Across Belmont

Computer Clean-Up & Tuning

Sitting down to a slow computer is frustrating. Let us clean up your computer and tune its settings to give you the best possible performance.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Malicious software hides from your anti-virus programs, letting you only see its effects: slow computers and frustrating pop-ups. Let us get your computer clean and healthy again.

New Computer Sales

Whether you are shopping for business or pleasure, a new computer purchase can be overwhelming. We’ll guide you towards the right computer and help you install the software you need.


When your computer starts to crash, or show errors, you may need to upgrade some components. We’ll determine what needs upgrading and get it installed for you.

Mac Repairs

If your Mac isn’t working right, don’t give up. Let us run our diagnostic tools to find out what isn’t working and what to do next.

Windows Repairs

If your Windows PC isn’t working properly, let us help you get it up and running again. We can service all iterations of Windows OS.

Laptops Repairs

We know how frustrating it is to be without your desktop computer. Let us diagnose and repair the problem so you can get back to work.

Desktop Repairs

We know how frustrating it is to be without your desktop computer. Let us diagnose and repair the problem so you can get back to work.

Remote Support

Leveraging the power of the internet we can solve your computer problems by connecting into your computer remotely.

windows and mac installation

Windows & Mac Installation

Computer experts recommend regular reinstallations of operating systems to keep your system running at top speed. Let us help you complete this simple maintenance task!

Software Setup & Support

Let us help you find the right software for your situation, get it set up, and provide any support that you need down the road.

Business IT Support

Many small businesses don’t have the necessary resources to have a full-time IT staff. At Nerds 2 You, we can provide targeted IT solutions right when you need it


We’re results driven and only provide solutions that will fix problems & benefit our customers.

Our nerds are down-to-earth professionals that make tech-talk simple to understand.

We’re everywhere: we come to your home or office, saving you time, travel and money.

We’re available whenever you need us so we can find that perfect time that suits you well.

We take the frustration out by providing a quick turn-around so that you can get back up and running ASAP.

We provide value by recommending only the best products & educate our customers on how to make technology work better for them.

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