Although there is never really a good time for your computer to be having issues, it always seems to happen at the worst possible moment. Luckily for you, Nerds 2 You can dispatch someone to your location in Joondalup right away to fix the problem. 

It’s something that you noticed a while back but forgot about. You meant to do something about it but were suddenly landed with a major report to complete. Time passes and you’ve just finished that report which has been eating up all your free time.

Then, as you release a relieved breath you notice that noise again coming from your laptop’s fan and realise that the device is much hotter than it should be. Suddenly, the screen goes blank and won’t reboot. Did you save the report? Can it be recovered? Luckily professional laptop repairs Joondalup residents can call on when disaster strikes are available seven days a week from Nerds 2 You!

We are the number one onsite computer repairs and support providers for Perth and have dealt with thousands of customers at their place of business or in their private homes, fixing almost every computer or technology imaginable since our technicians first hit the road in 2013. Where IT support and service providers typically require you to come to them our approach has always been to relieve the customer of as much additional stress as possible and bring our skills and expertise to you.

Why You Should Choose Nerds 2 You For PC & Laptop Repairs in Joondalup

We will come to you, at home or in the office. No need to unplug everything and pack it into the car and endure rush hour traffic. Just sit back and put your time and money to better use.

Joondalup computer repairs are available 7 days a week and our clients know exactly who is coming to their house every time a problem arises because we make sure that you always deal with the same person.

The team at Nerds 2 You are professionals who know how to translate the jargon and technical buzzwords that confound the best of minds into plain English that is easy to understand, so you know exactly where you stand, what the issue is and how it will be resolved.

What Sets Apart Our Computer Repairs in Joondalup 

We only recommend the best products and our customers receive the added benefit of our expert knowledge. Our Nerds are more than happy to educate you as to how you can maximise the potential of your systems and get the most from them.

We are results driven so each problem is approached with one thing in mind, to solve the issue and leave the customer satisfied.

We eliminate frustration by facilitating a quick turn-around that enables you to get back on track with little delay.

Nerds 2 You & Computer Services In Joondalup

As technology spreads and becomes a normal part of every corner of life in Perth, it becomes increasingly likely that we will see a trend where the computer services Joondalup residents require experience significant growth. However, rather than wait for the inevitable, Nerds 2 You is available right now to troubleshoot anything you feel could become a problem. That noise your laptop is making could be a red flag that threatens the report you’re writing, and do you really want to have to put it together again? Didn’t think so!

Technology has allowed us to access the world from our homes but if your devices suddenly go dark, or seem to be on the way toward a crash, just remember that Nerds 2 You, computer repairs Joondalup natives trust, are ready to take your call and reconnect you to the rest of the world from YOUR home.

Need Expert Computer Repairs in Joondalup?

Then Nerds 2 You have just the service for you. We provide repair services for all ranges of domestic, professional and entertainment computer systems. We are fast and efficient and we come directly to you! If your hard drive fails, don’t panic. If your laptop crashes and won’t turn back on, don’t stress, If your desktop freezes while running a program that is vital to your business operation, have no fear. Simply call us and we’ll send a professional computer technician right to you to diagnose your issue and repair it right there and then!

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Data recovery
  • Computer repairs
  • Remote support
  • Windows repairs
  • Mac repairs

And much more! We have years of experience with IT & computer services, learning from doing many computer repairs over the years.

The Dangers Your Computer Faces

Today, web security is an ever growing concern among computer users. There is no scarier nightmare than having your bank details stolen, your sensitive work material held ransom or your every keystroke monitored by someone else. Unfortunately, however, these scenarios are daily realities for some users who fail to exercise the right amount of care while they use the internet.

Computers are integral to almost all daily life. Whether at home or in the workplace we often make use of multiple computers every day. With such a reliance on computers, it has become more and more important to protect ourselves from the many elements of hacking and cybercrime that exploit the vulnerabilities in our computer’s security.

As we lead ever more busy lives, it can be tough to find time to make our computers secure. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Information about computer security and the scope of threats that are posed to it can be complicated or confusing to grasp. At Nerds 2 You, we see the results of such computer attacks and regularly provide our customers with the latest antivirus and firewall protection across a broad range of computer setups.

You also have to pay attention to threats that are closer to you. Some computer threats happen because an unsuspecting person allowed a threat to come in, which causes problems. A big source of computer problems often happens internally, and people need to learn about online safety as well. It’s a simple strategy, but you can prevent many computer repairs just by educating people on safe computer practices when going online.

If something goes wrong, here is what we can do to help:

Computer Repairs

If your computer hardware is ruined by an accident, we are able to help! We will take a look at your computer, identify what is wrong and tell you what repairs we need to make. If we need to replace computer parts, we will let you know. There is nothing wrong with your computer’s performance declining, as it happens to all computers as time passes. There is also nothing wrong with dealing with an external incident, such as knocking your computer over by accident.

Things happen and it is more important to bring your computer back to working condition quickly. Then we can address the source of the problem. But no matter what happens, we can repair your computer and save as much data as we can.

IT Services

It might look like a virus could easily be cleaned by anti-virus software before it does any harm, but you don’t want to wait until something bad hits your computer before you take action. Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to IT services, but there will always be unexpected problems. We can take a look at your computer systems, diagnose the problem and start our repairs. We will let you know what we are doing to fix your computer and make sure that you get back to work soon.

Thanks to our remote monitoring, we can repair your computer without having to book in a time and without interrupting your work. But there will be times we must travel to you to look at your computer so we can repair it properly.

Think of IT services as the way to fix your computer from the inside. We can repair your computer remotely, but also visit you in Joondalup if we need to take a better look.

When we talk about computer services in Joondalup, we refer to computer repairs done externally and internally. You will never have to worry about your computer when paired with a reliable computer services company, because they will take care of you no matter what happens. That’s why working with Nerds 2 You is a great idea for protecting your computers. For the best computer services in Joondalup, you won’t find another company like us.

Keep Your Computer Safe Online

We believe that part of our duty as responsible computer repair technicians is to educate our customers on the best practices for online computing. The more awareness we can spread among users the better as many online attacks rely on a wide scale lack of information about online security. In order to prevent your computer from vicious and costly attacks online we advise that you do the following:

  • Don’t stay connected to the internet all of the time – if your computer is running for long periods of time and you don’t need to be connected to the internet, then it can be wise to disconnect it from the internet.
  • Use a strong firewall – this is a piece of software or hardware that blocks potentially harmful online packages from accessing your computer.
  • Use antivirus software – anti-virus software is vital for most users. There is an assumption that viruses don’t target Apple computers, but this is not true. All laptops and desktops are susceptible to virus attacks online. Although antivirus software can slow down a computer, it is a much better compromise when compared with a computer that is infected by a virus.
  • Update your computer – too many users prefer to use older operating systems because they fear losing program or application functionality by updating to the latest OS. However, Microsoft and Apple roll out regular security updates to their operating systems. By ignoring these security patches, users can expose their computers to greater risks online.
  • Only visit secure websites – some sites pose risks to your computer. They may have been affected by a worm that modifies the website with the intention of infecting your computer with a virus.
  • Keep passwords safe and hard to guess – it is unwise to trust any website you give your password to. Keeping complex passwords that are known only to you is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself and your computer safe online.
  • Use a secure web browser – most people still use Internet Explorer or Safari for browsing as they are considered some of the most secure browsers available. Google Chrome is also hailed as one of the most secure browsers.
  • Never use public wifi – it can be tempting to connect to the wifi in a cafe or bar to check something online. However, that connection is likely unencrypted meaning that your information is vulnerable to malicious actors spying on your activity and stealing your passwords.
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended – doing so leaves open the opportunity for someone to install malicious software that can help them access your information, log your keystrokes and steal your passwords. Simply locking your screen is not enough to protect against someone who knows what they are doing as they could just connect a device to your computer and steal your data or even your whole computer.

If you notice your computer getting unnaturally slow over a short period of time, you experience frequent pop-ups or you get redirected to a website that you never searched for then you should stop using your computer immediately and call Nerds 2 You. We can be at your computer in no time at all and give it a full diagnosis to see what is at the heart of your issue. Once we have identified the problem we can provide a quote for the repair work and, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll resolve your issue there and then. It’s as easy as that.

Why keep your computer safe

  • You don’t have to keep paying for computer repairs all of the time. While computer repairs do not cost that much in the long term, improper care can result in you having to frequently pay for computer repairs and that can hurt your finances.
  • You prevent computer threats from happening too often. While we cannot predict the future and protect your computer from everything, good computer habits prevent a large number of accidents from ruining your computer.
  • You follow good IT practices. IT is an important part of running your business, and following the best IT practices will keep you compliant and safe.
  • You prevent your business in Joondalup from stopping its operations. Businesses all around the world are targeted, and you need to protect your computers just as well as larger companies do.
  • You learn good computer habits. Learning good IT habits doesn’t just protect your business, but it gives you the knowledge to protect your computer or PC at home. Since you have to pay for computer repairs outside of work yourself, you definitely want to avoid spending more money than you need to.

If you don’t keep your computer safe

  • You lose a lot of resources. Not being able to use your computer for work means you might lose time and effort that didn’t need to be lost, not to mention money.
  • You have to pay for computer services often. Not following good IT practices means you will be calling your computer services company often, and paying for computer repairs which can add up if you aren’t careful with security.
  • You have to replace computer hardware often. Viruses aren’t the only computer threats; physical accidents like knocking over your computer or spilling liquids on your computer are just as dangerous. They can also result in replacing your computer entirely, if computer repairs can’t fix the damage to the hardware.
  • You risk putting other computers at risk. You can spread viruses around with infected files, which can affect computers outside of your company and cause more damage. You really don’t want other companies to call computer services because you gave them a virus.

Nerds Can Protect Your Computer Better Than Anyone

If you need help protecting your computer from nefarious activity online or you think you may already have fallen victim to malware, then your best bet is to call Nerds 2 You. We know how frustrating it can be to discover your computer’s security has been compromised, but we also know exactly how to repair the damage done and prevent it from happening in future.

When it comes to IT security and computer repair, only a nerd will do. If you’re looking for the best Joondalup IT services available, then give us a call or check us out online. You’ll find that we are the one and only place you need to look for all things technical!

Nerds 2 You provides the best computer support in Perth. We specialise in computer servicescomputer repairsdata recovery & laptop repairs. We also provide custom computers for sale and cheap computer sales.

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Business and Residential Computer Service in Joondalup

Whether you need help for your home or office computer, we will be glad to help. Our technicians are highly skilled and can work on desktops and laptops in both Windows and Mac operating systems. We’ll take the time to explain the issue to you in the simplest terms possible; no confusing tech talk here!

The Nerds 2 You Difference

While other computer repair services in Joondalup may require you to bring your machine to them, we’ll come directly to you, saving you time and hassle. We are proud to offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all work we do. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Services

Computer Clean-Up & Tuning

Sitting down to a slow computer is frustrating. Let us clean up your computer and tune its settings to give you the best possible performance.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Malicious software hides from your anti-virus programs, letting you only see its effects: slow computers and frustrating pop-ups. Let us get your computer clean and healthy again.

New Computer Sales

Whether you are shopping for business or pleasure, a new computer purchase can be overwhelming. We’ll guide you towards the right computer and help you install the software you need.


When your computer starts to crash, or show errors, you may need to upgrade some components. We’ll determine what needs upgrading and get it installed for you.

Mac Repairs

If your Mac isn’t working right, don’t give up. Let us run our diagnostic tools to find out what isn’t working and what to do next.

Windows Repairs

If your Windows PC isn’t working properly, let us help you get it up and running again. We can service all iterations of Windows OS.

Laptops Repairs

We know how frustrating it is to be without your desktop computer. Let us diagnose and repair the problem so you can get back to work.

Desktop Repairs

We know how frustrating it is to be without your desktop computer. Let us diagnose and repair the problem so you can get back to work.

Remote Support

Leveraging the power of the internet we can solve your computer problems by connecting into your computer remotely.

windows and mac installation

Windows & Mac Installation

Computer experts recommend regular reinstallations of operating systems to keep your system running at top speed. Let us help you complete this simple maintenance task!

Software Setup & Support

Let us help you find the right software for your situation, get it set up, and provide any support that you need down the road.

Business IT Support

Many small businesses don’t have the necessary resources to have a full-time IT staff. At Nerds 2 You, we can provide targeted IT solutions right when you need it

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We fix it right - the first time

We come to you

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