When your computer stops talking to your printer, or your emails stop working, what do you do? Many small businesses don’t have the necessary resources to have a full time IT staff, which can leave them trying to DIY computer repairs when something goes wrong. They lose valuable time and potentially cause more damage by trying various solutions without knowing what is actually wrong. That’s where IT support comes in. At Nerds 2 You, we can provide targeted IT solutions right when you need it. 


The process is simple: you notice a problem, and call us for IT support in Perth. We help you fix the problem. If we see opportunities for upgrades or signs of a more widespread issue, we will let you know. And then you can get right back to work. 

Not all businesses are big enough to justify a full time IT department, but there aren’t any businesses anymore that don’t use technology in some way or another. We like to work with small businesses, whether they are long running or just getting started, to help them understand the best way to build their business up and make it successful. Good technology solutions can be a big part of making sure that companies last over time.

Another benefit of calling in the professionals is that you can start to get a better idea of why a particular piece of technology isn’t working well. Is it old, malfunctioning, or overloaded? Replacing or repairing might be the right solution. Is there a problem with software or malware? Replacing the computer may not actually solve the problem.

Reliable & Affordable IT Support in Perth

If you’re having an issue with your IT, call Nerds2You. We offer timely, reliable, and affordable IT support Perth-wide for both home-based and business users. We can fix hardware and software problems for all kinds of computers and IT systems. It doesn’t matter what operating system you use; we are computer nerds after all. We spend all day fixing computers and all night using them! But while we may be nerds, we’re also down-to-earth professionals who will never baffle you with tech talk. We truly are the service you need for onsite IT support in Perth

Whether your business is long-running or a start-up, taking care of your IT system is paramount. It’s more important than ever to keep your business IT assets secure and well maintained. At Nerds2You, we not only fix computer issues that you may have, but we also ensure your computers and IT system are working to their full potential.

Onsite IT Support in Perth: We Come to You

Our reliable technicians are available on call, or we can provide regular contract services if that’s what you prefer. We’re always on hand to assist with all kinds of IT support services in Perth, including:

  • Recommendations for new hardware and software
  • Assistance to source and obtain hardware and software to suit your budget
  • Set up and configuration of all your IT system components
  • System optimization for maximum security and efficiency
  • Installation of virus checkers and other protective software, including email and spam protection
  • Removal of viruses, malware, and ransomware from infected machines
  • System backup and restore
  • Data recovery services
  • Security cloud solutions
  • Custom programming
  • System audits

We can also train you and your staff in correct usage, procedures and security awareness if required. In short, we can assist with every aspect of IT support services in Perth.

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IT Services Perfectly Designed for Small Businesses

Our IT support services are the ideal option for small businesses. We understand that if you are a small business, IT Support is probably the last thing on your mind (until something goes wrong) and probably don’t have the resources to have a dedicated IT person within your organisation. Our services are affordably priced, and we can help to keep your system functioning at peak performance. With our computer clean up & tuning service, we keep your system running smoothly, so it will be less likely to suffer problems in the future. And, with our onsite IT support, you don’t need to worry about giving remote access to a computer tech you’ve never even seen or met. 

Trust your Onsite IT Support in Perth With Nerds2You

We’re a well-established IT support business in Perth with many satisfied customers. We have earned our excellent reputation by consistently providing superior quality service at affordable prices. And we’ve also earned trust by offering a totally ethical service and valuing and respecting privacy. No matter if you need mac repairs in perth, or even creating your companies’ custom desktop computers

So, when you need fast, effective, and reasonably priced onsite IT support in Perth, get in touch with us here at Nerds2You through our online contact form or by calling (08) 64449674. We look forward to hearing from you. Read More

Why IT Business Support is a Must

Experience the difference of running your business without the added responsibility of overseeing your IT. Nerds 2 You are on hand to deliver ongoing support for all your IT maintenance requirements. Expert IT support also plays an essential role in enhancing the security of your business, especially given the prevalence of cybersecurity threats. Small businesses are frequently targeted due to potentially less robust security measures compared to bigger companies. Our nerds excel in identifying security threats and executing effective preventative measures. 

A dynamic business environment demands a robust IT infrastructure that can adapt to evolving needs, address security concerns, and facilitate operational efficacy. IT services for small businesses offer a tailored and proactive approach, aligning technology with business goals and ensuring that businesses can leverage the full potential of digital innovation. Managed IT services minimise downtime and optimise performance and can make a world of difference to your business. 

Outstanding IT Services for Businesses

If you’re in search of excellent business IT services in Perth, look no further. We understand the challenges of running a small business, and that’s precisely why we’re on hand to offer our assistance with IT business support. Accessing professional IT support is a game-changer for facilitating the smooth operation of your business. Our expert nerds are ready to assist you in tasks such as setting up and maintaining your computer network and offering backup and recovery services. With Nerds 2 You, you gain access to a large team of IT experts covering all areas of technology. We have you covered while you gain more time to concentrate on developing your business. Our expertise means you have specialised support for any issue you may encounter.

We will also assist you in staying abreast of the latest tech trends. The continually changing landscape of computers and software can be challenging to navigate. Our nerds are well-equipped to assist you in discerning the right technologies for efficient business management. This encompasses everything from device management, and cloud computing to the newest software applications. We’re all about ensuring your systems operate at optimal performance. 

Leading Experts in IT Support for Small Business Owners

Investing in local small business IT support is vital for business owners. If you want your company to thrive in the long term, you need to have access to a reliable IT service provider who can extend the life of your technical equipment, keep your data safe, and help you avoid unnecessary replacement costs.Computer viruses, for example, can take a real toll on day-to-day business operations. They can be extremely hard for business owners to handle without additional expert help, which is where we come in. Nerds 2 You is that go-to anti-virus support provider, capable of performing in-depth check-ups of your computer systems, evicting the virus, and bringing your computer back to life so you can get back on track in no time. If the virus has done too much damage for your computer to be saved by us, we won’t just leave you to clean up. Instead, we’ll protect and transfer all your important data from the infected computer before providing you with new protected drives and programs. Small business IT support in Perth has never been so thorough.Much like their users, computers also need regular check-ups! If your PC has been running a little slower than usual, or you’re concerned about warning notifications that seem to be appearing with increasing regularity, give us a call. Our experts will be on the scene in no time to bring your computer back to its prime state, and it won’t cost you the earth either. What’s the harm in asking?

Business IT Services Perth Can Rely on for Exceptional Support

At Nerds 2 You, our IT support services for small businesses in Perth offer you peace of mind. As a business owner, the last thing you need is the hassle of dealing with tech issues. Our business IT services are accessible throughout the week, including weekends, ensuring we’re always available when you need us. A major advantage of our business IT solutions is the potential for time and cost savings. If you’re a small business owner, you may lack the resources to hire a full-time IT staff member, yet you still need dependable IT support. With our outstanding services, you gain access to the knowledge of our nerds without the financial commitment of a full-time staff member.

Our comprehensive services offer businesses everything they need to be at their best with day-to-day operations, ensuring optimal security, productivity, and efficiency. Schedule your complimentary consultation to discover how we can enhance your business’s IT and online systems. Read Less


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We’re results driven and only provide solutions that will fix problems & benefit our customers.

Our nerds are down-to-earth professionals that make tech-talk simple to understand.

We’re everywhere: we come to your home or office, saving you time, travel and money.

We’re available whenever you need us so we can find that perfect time that suits you well.

We take the frustration out by providing a quick turn-around so that you can get back up and running ASAP.

We provide value by recommending only the best products & educate our customers on how to make technology work better for them.

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