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Computer/Laptop Repairs & Services Ashfield

When something goes wrong with your computer, it can be incredibly stressful. Naturally, you’ll want to get it fixed right away. Here at Nerds 2 You, we believe in fast, friendly service that will get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We operate in Belmont and the surrounding areas 7 days a week, so you’ll never be without help when you need it most.

Time is the one thing everybody would like more of. Our society is increasingly becoming more and more demanding of instant services delivered to their homes on demand. At Nerds 2 You, we strive to deliver onsite laptop repairs Ashfield natives can call on 7 days a week.

Nerds 2 You has been operating throughout Perth since 2013 and has successfully serviced thousands of customers in their homes and places of business, providing a fast turn-around that is efficient, jargon-free and best of all convenient.

Once up a time the desktop was king and every home had one, however, while it is still a very popular option, particularly for businesses, the laptop is the mobile tool millions of people have switched over to in recent years. Laptops have never been more affordable but where the desktop is still a very robust device, laptops are skinnier and more susceptible to damage.

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Basic Troubleshooting for Laptop Owners

Laptops have become much more compact and are therefore less resistant to sustain major damage, so unless you are extremely mindful, it’s fair to assume that at some point it will require repair. However, not everybody has the know-how or expertise to repair a laptop. The software is one thing but where parts and re-assembly are required, or a hardware upgrade, it’s best to leave those jobs to the professionals.

It’s worth noting that sometimes we can be aware that something happened to our laptop but on the face of things everything looks fine. There are some things worth looking out for that should raise a red flag that professional service is required and save you a few bucks.

1) Viruses
A virus is something that the majority of laptop owners encounter at some point. For those using Windows or a system that requires continued antivirus protection, failure to stay on top of this could make your system vulnerable to attack. When this happens all of your data may be under threat and the correct action is to call up the pros.

2) Physical Damage and Strange Noises
If on start-up your laptop suddenly starts to make strange noises after it was dropped then it’s more than likely there is an issue that requires professional attention. The processor may be damaged, or the hard disk scratched, both of which where left unattended may lead to further problems and expensive repairs.

3) Overheating
Laptops need to be kept cool. Where they continually overheat there may be dust clogging the fans that are built to keep the system temperature down. The smaller and more compact our devices become the more head they produce because the components are so tightly packed together. If your efforts to reduce the laptop temperature fail, get in touch with Nerds 2 You!

Find Good Laptop Repairs in Ashfield

There’s nothing to lose by reaching out to a service provider who could alleviate even minor issues with your devices. Chances are that in time that small problem will have a knock-on effect and lead to something much more serious that will end up costing you a lot more money to fix, or even replace.

Nerds 2 You provide computer repairs Ashfield residents can have confidence in. So, when you need us the process is simple. Just fill in the online form, let us get a quote back to you, then sit back and watch us work from the comfort of your home.

Nerds 2 You provides personal & affordable Data Recovery services, Computer Cleanup & Tuning, Virus & Spyware Removal, Computers Upgrades & Repairs & Business Maintenance & Support services.

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Desktop and Laptop Computer Servicing in Ashfield

We are ready to assist with your laptop or traditional desktop computer on either Windows or Mac operating systems. Whether you are a home user or are working in a business environment, we can help solve your computer problems. We’ll even come to your location so that you don’t need to move your computer across town.

Straightforward, No-Nonsense Help

Some computer repair companies will try to overwhelm you with a lot of tech jargon so that you’ll let them get away with charging you the world for basic repairs, simply because you didn’t understand what they were talking about. At Nerds 2 You, we will explain everything in a clear way so that you know exactly what is going on. Contact us today to learn more!



Enquire now or call (08) 6444 9674 to request a free quote and let us help you today!

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