The computer uses a login to access information that is mirrored in the digital cloud. Keeping that cloud secure can be a challenge, which is why Nerds 2 You provides cloud internet security in Perth. We have the experience necessary to protect your data and keep your business safe while giving you a cost effective way to manage your business files.

For many years, the name of the backup game was storage tapes, stored on site. Improvements in processor speed and internet connection capabilities have changed that dramatically. While onsite backup can still be helpful for some items, companies that use online or cloud backups in Perth have a better chance of recovering from a disaster, protecting their data during a theft, and avoiding malicious attacks from hackers. At Nerds 2 You, we have the experience necessary to protect your data.

While all companies should have some variety of offsite backup, smaller companies can particularly benefit from cloud backup service. By storing their data offsite, and only access it through remote computer setups, they shift the heavy work of maintaining servers, updating protection, and generally preventing loss to a company that takes this work as their primary responsibility.

For home computer users, online backups are also the safest way to store information that would be painful to lose. Family photos, financial records, and ongoing projects can be protected in the cloud. When a laptop or desktop computer is stolen and the data hasn’t been saved to an alternate location, that data is likely gone forever. Having a cloud backup means that it can be restored to a new computer with minimal effort.

Whether you represent a business looking to make its information as secure as possible, or a home user who wants to protect their data in the event of theft or a natural disaster, we will help you find the right online backup solution to keep your data safe and secure. Call us today to find out what option will work best for your needs.

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Looking to switch to cloud internet security for your business?

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