Why You Need to Update Business Computers Regularly

To maintain a successful business in the modern era, you need to have reliable computers. Whether you’re using an iPad for a register or have a bank of computers accepting incoming sales calls, virtually all modern businesses use technology to enhance their business offerings. So what happens when you let your computers get old and out of date?

You need to access the newest features

Sometimes it seems like companies create new software versions and new operating systems just to make businesses pay a little more. While this may feel true from the consumer side, it isn’t generally true from the business side. New software is generally created to work well with new hardware, offering new functionality or new possibilities within the software.

Many companies have started moving towards an annual subscription model of software purchasing (such as Office 365) instead of the legacy model of purchasing one program that will last for however long the organisation can make it last. This also gives users the ability to access brand new features as soon as they roll out, instead of needing to wait for a buying cycle.

You need to connect the newest hardware

One of the many reasons that companies patch their operating systems is to add support for new hardware configurations, from USB port enhancements to support for new WiFi connection elements to new types of files. Without this support, your system may be unable to connect to your hardware, or be unable to use the full functionality of the technology. This can be particularly frustrating when a company has spent a good bunch of money on a new technology only to find out that it isn’t connecting to the computer or network.

You need to maintain your network security

This is the most obvious reason to update your computer, both in terms of patches and security updates, and also having a computer that can run the most up to date operating system. By doing these things, you will eliminate the vast majority of malware attacks that lead to data loss or stolen information.

Still not sure how to keep your business computers up to date? Let Nerds 2 You help. We’ll take a look at what systems you currently have in place and give you tips on how to make sure that you’re doing everything right. We can also manage these processes for you, and let you get back to business. Visit us today to find out more!


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