The Difference Between Our Warranties and Ordinary Retail Warranties

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Most people buying computers will normally choose a well-known brand from one of the popular retailers. There can be all kinds of factors influencing that decision, but one very common one is the belief that they will get better warranty coverage and customer support by sticking with what is comfortable and familiar.

The reality is support and coverage can vary greatly between different manufacturers and different retailers, and sometimes even the process of how to reach out for support is far from transparent. Often there are all kinds of conditions involved in the warranty, and you won’t give much thought to that while you’re in the store, but when something goes wrong with your purchase, that’s when you may be about to discover some painful truths.

You may spend a lot of money sending back your hardware, missing out on the use of your computer for weeks, with no solid guarantee that your problem is going to be fixed. Most of the time when you see a negative customer review about computer hardware, it is clear that the anger the customer is feeling is not necessarily because there was a problem with the hardware, but because there was a problem getting support to fix that problem. There is a certain sense of betrayal when a company doesn’t honour its promises.

Unfortunately, that’s a scenario that is all too common, and it’s a great example of why buying pre-built brand name computers from major retailers isn’t the best option.  In fact, it’s not even close to being that.

Pre-built computers are also usually not made from quality components or assembled with loving care. That’s probably the opposite of what you would expect, but it’s the general practice of big corporations to buy low and sell high. Most of what you pay for is the brand name because the big corporations can’t do all that marketing for free. What you end up with is a computer of lower quality for a higher price, and because the components are not always top quality it’s way more likely that something is going to eventually go wrong with the computer.

This is exactly why the warranty provisions are often lacking, and the support is rarely very helpful.  If every customer could easily return their low quality, poorly built computers easily and without a hassle, everyone would be doing just that. And where is the profit in that situation?

Nerds 2 You Does Things Differently

When we offer a warranty on a computer system, you can depend on it. We can make that deal with you because we have rock-solid confidence in the quality of what we build for you.

And when we say we build it for you, we mean exactly that. You get a computer system that is perfectly tailored to fit your specific individual needs and budget. We use quality components, and we take great care in designing the layout and putting it all together. That means you’re much less likely to encounter problems with your new computer, and if by some chance something does go wrong, we’ll fix it up for you right away.

The bottom line is you will simply get better value and service by getting your computer from us.


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