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If you’ve ever experienced a complete hard drive failure, you know the incredible losses that can result. As a society, we are rapidly moving towards our data being digitally stored, from precious photographs to contracts, business documents, and taxes. While this is fantastic from a storage space perspective, it can be downright dangerous when something goes wrong with your storage device.

The easiest solution is to regularly backup your data to an off-site location, but the vast majority of people don’t trouble themselves with it. When a hard drive, USB drive, or flash card fails, recovering the precious data that was stored on it can cost thousands of dollars.

For small business owners, the unexpected costs combined with being shut down while data is recovered can be enough to close a business. For those who digitally store photos, it can mean the loss of years of history.

While Nerds 2 You regularly works with clients who have lost their data and are trying to recover it from a failed device, we also hope to educate clients and provide simple solutions that improve data recovery options. Nerds 2 You is able to create smart, automatic solutions to backup the data on your smartphone, office computers, tablets, and laptops. If a device is lost or fails, restoring your crucial data is as simple as a few taps, a couple of clicks, and possible a phone call.

Losing data can be catastrophic for a business or a family. Protect yourself from data loss by asking Nerds 2 You to set you up with regular data backups in Perth. We will make sure your backups are complete seamless and require no effort on your part. Contact us today to find out how to get started.

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