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Data recovery is rarely thought about until an important file disappears. Or a hard-drive fails. Then you scramble to recover the data, only to realise that you have no data recovery system in place. Your file is gone at the most important time.

File recovery and hard-drive repairs are important for businesses. You may not lose data often, but you need a data recovery system when a hard-drive fails or a file disappears. You can recover data, but we never believe losing a file could happen to us.

But it can happen to everyone. You turn on your computer, plug in your USB drive or flash card, and – nothing happens. The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach grows as you try unplugging it and plugging it back in a few times; is all your data lost?

We’ve all been there at some point or other. We’ve tried to retrieve some data from our laptop or USB drive to find that data’s been corrupted or the drive is simply not working at all.

As mobile Perth data recovery experts, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been called out to recover data for our clients. But we’re happy to say, that in the vast majority of cases, we’ve been able to recover the data for them.

So, if you need someone to help you to recover data, Perth computer users simply need to call  Nerds 2 You, your local Osborne Park data recovery experts. We perform data recovery Perth businesses rely on when their hard drive fails, and we do our best not to disappoint.

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    Fast and efficient data recovery Perth-wide from Nerds 2 You

    As a mobile computer repair company, we come direct to you. Wherever are you Perth, we’ll bring our computer expertise, together with our specialist data-recovery equipment to diagnose the issue, before we attempt to retrieve your data.

    Of course, before we go ahead with any work to recover data, Osborne Park computer users will be happy to know that we always give you a quote first – there are no hidden charges and we’ll never hold your data to ransom!


    We use the latest data recovery equipment for speedy data recovery in Osborne Park

    One reason why we’re known as the Osborne Park data recovery experts local computer owners trust is because we always run diagnostic tests before we start any retrieval process.

    This enables us to identify the problem and understand the best way to retrieve your data. Sometimes we can recover everything you need, sometimes recovering your data is impossible; but we’ll always let you know the prognosis in advance.

    And once we’ve retrieved your data, in order to prevent the same thing from happening again, we always offer you high quality back up tools. After all, if your data is important, you need to have a regular back up in place to ensure that it stays safe.

    Data Recovery Perth Residents Can Trust

    The prospect of losing your data can be a terrible feeling. Days or weeks of work just gone missing, treasured photographs no longer there, information that you can’t replace gone forever — or so it seems.

    It is a frustrating and depressing experience, especially when you realise you should maybe have done something about it to prevent the problem. Taking regular back-ups would have ensured that all or most of the missing data might have been preserved. But, if you haven’t done it, that just adds to the frustration.

    We realise how serious the situation can be so, as Perth data recovery specialists, we will be sympathetic as well as professional and efficient. Our aim is to recover all your data intact, quickly and without fuss.

    Reasons for Data Loss

    Data loss can occur for all sorts of reasons, including accidental deletion. More commonly, it results from some sort of system failure, particularly problems with a hard disk’s read/write heads, the motor that spins the disk or an electrical malfunction.

    Other reasons include:

    • A file becoming corrupted
    • Your hard-drive is reaching the end of its lifespan
    • Improper file removal
    • Software data has been corrupted
    • You break the hard-drive by accident
    • Improper hard-drive formatting

    These problems can be caused simply by wear and tear because all components are likely to fail after a period of use.

    Data loss, or at least the inability to access data, may be due to a virus or other malware that prevents you performing certain functions. The reason for the data loss may not be particularly of interest to you — you simply want to get back your data.

    However, it is important to us at Nerds 2 You because it determines how we go about data recovery from our Osborne Park location. It also tells us what we need to do to ensure your data is kept safe in the future so we don’t have to recover data from Osborne Park again.

    Data Recovery Services You Can Trust

    We realise your personal or business data is important to you and you can be confident it will be safe in our hands. Everything is handled with the utmost confidentiality at your own premises so we can see what is happening when using our Osborne Park data recovery service.

    If you do lose data, whether from your hard drive, flash memory or other device, we’ll run diagnostics to establish the cause. We’re then able to quote you a fixed price to recover the data and we’ll only do that if we’re confident of success.

    So you’ll know in advance the files we’re able to save and will be reassured that, when hired to recover data in Perth, we have an extremely successful track record.

    As well as being able to recover the data, we’ll fix the problem that caused it to ensure it’s unlikely to happen again. That means removing any malware or replacing any failed components, as well as providing back-up tools and instructions, to provide a full and comprehensive data recovery service in Perth.

    Reliable data recovery in Perth

    The hard drive of a computer is one part you can always be certain will eventually fail. It may take 10 months or 10 years, but sooner or later it’s going to stop working.

    Making backups of your files is a sensible precaution, but can you be certain the latest version of every single file has been backed up? Or maybe it is the backup drive itself that is damaged.

    If you have lost crucial data due to a failure of a hard drive, you can make use of the data recovery service offered by Nerds2You.

    We are a computer repair business based in Perth. We are known for performing speedy on-site repairs and upgrades, but in the case of data recovery, we’ll usually need to take the drive away to repair it. However, we do data recovery Perth businesses can trust, which is why they trust us to return their drive when we are done with our repairs.

    What a hard drive recovery involves

    The first step is to diagnose exactly what the nature of the problem is. Sometimes the hard drive platters are entirely unaffected by the fault (this is the best scenario), and it is only necessary to replace the HDD controller board.

    This is a small circuit board that sits on top of the drive. Although it is attached to the drive, it is a separate physical component that can be removed and replaced.

    If you are present when the failure occurs, the characteristic symptom of an HDD controller board failure is a distinct “burning electronics” smell. Be careful to not inhale the smoke, because it is very toxic. Switching off the power as quickly as possible can prevent further damage to the computer and may also help to prevent a fire from breaking out.

    If the problem is limited to the HDD controller board, there is a lot of good news. First, the repair will be comparatively quick and inexpensive, because we just need to replace the HDD controller board and the drive will continue to function normally once this is done.

    Depending on the brand and model of the HDD, the controller board could be fixed the same day, or we may need to get a replacement delivered which will take some more time, because the boards need to be imported.

    The other bit of good news when the problem is limited to the HDD controller board is that you can expect full file recovery with no significant loss of data. Normally we can recover every file because there is no damage to the platters. The HDD controller board can be considered as an external component of the hard drive.

    When it is the internal components of the drive that are affected, there can be no absolute certainty of full recovery, because it depends on the nature and extent of the damage. In this situation, various hardware and software data recovery methods will need to be attempted.

    Generally there is a reasonable chance of the data being fully recovered. You have to weigh this up against the absolute no chance of data recovery if no recovery method is attempted.

    Data recovery will try and retrieve as many files from the hard drive as possible

    It’s not the end of the world if a hard drive is failing. Sometimes what is happening is that the data is not being read properly, but it is not gone. Even if there is some damage, that does not mean all of your files are gone forever.

    We will retrieve as many files as we can from the hard drive. This often won’t be a problem, but depending on the state of the hard drive we might not be able to retrieve everything.

    Hard drive recovery may not fix the hard drive, but give you the chance to transfer data to a new hard drive

    There are times where a hard drive can’t be fixed, possibly because it is too old and there is no chance of recovery at that point. That does not mean the files can’t be retrieved or that we can’t find anything. It just means that it is time to move your data over to a new hard drive. We can help you with that as well.

    Individual file recovery is also part of our Perth data recovery service

    Sometimes the need for recovery is not because the hard drive is damaged, but simply that certain files on the drive have become corrupted. The most usual cause of this is an interrupted or glitched transfer from an SD card to HDD transfer.

    Sometimes it’s possible to put the corrupted file back together again. There are different methods available for doing this, and the best one to use depends on the type of data being recovered and the format of the file.

    For example, the method used to recover a JPG image file is really different to the method used to recover an SVG image file. To recover data from a Microsoft Word document file, a completely different method would be necessary. Recovery of video data requires yet another method, and there can be different methods for each file format.

    The type of device the corrupted files are stored on matters too. Different methods may be needed to recover data from an SSD compared to what would be used for an HDD. Recovering data from a damaged CD or DVD is also different.

    There’s also the file system to think about. There are many different file systems, and they all can have different limitations that need to be worked around. For example, some file systems have metadata information for each file that can include multiple time stamps, file ownership, file permissions (which might be separated into three separate subcategories), and possibly other information. There are other file systems that omit some or all of this information. Files could also have special attributes such as being system files or hidden files.

    The metadata of a file is usually stored in a separate location to the file itself. It should be understood that the metadata referred to here is special data that the operating system uses to classify, index, and identify a file and its attributes. This is not the same as metadata stored internally inside the file (EXIF data in a photographic image, for example).

    When a file is deleted from some file system types, the physical copy of the file may not necessarily be deleted, and only the metadata is modified or erased. Depending on the methods used by the operating system for handling deleted files, the space where the physical copy of the file is located may be marked as available for writing to.

    Until that space is overwritten or defragmented, the physical copy of the file still exists and could be recovered. It is valuable for security reasons to know this information, because it means if you want to be sure that a file has been erased beyond recovery, the free space on the drive needs to be overwritten.

    If you accidentally deleted something you shouldn’t have, don’t panic. The physical copy of the file might still be there. You should immediately stop using the drive and call Nerds2You.

    If you continue using the drive after accidentally deleting something, there is a risk of overwriting the space where the physical copy of the file is located. Nerds2You provides your best chance of file recovery and hard drive recovery in Perth.

    Call Nerds 2 You now for mobile data recovery services Perth-wide

    Don’t waste time trying to recover data if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could just make the situation worse. Simply switch off your computer and call Nerds 2 You now on (08) 6444 9674 and we’ll bring our mobile data recovery services direct to you, whether you’re in North Perth or South Perth, at home or in the office – 7 days a week.

    You’ll find that our computer technicians are professional, friendly and won’t try to baffle you with computer jargon. Our aim is to offer a fast and reliable service that gets you out of a difficult situation.

    Contact the Perth Data Recovery Experts Today!

    At Nerds 2 you we don’t mind being called nerds, in fact we make our living from it so the next time you need help to recover lost data, talk with a Nerd on (08) 6444 9674. Start your work day with data recovery Perth businesses rely on.

    Nerds 2 You provides the best computer support in Perth. We specialise in computer services, computer repairs, data recovery & laptop repairs. We also provide custom computers for sale and cheap computer sales.
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    Instead of panicking, call our data recovery experts. There are many different reasons that your device may have stopped responding, and in many situations, we are able to retrieve most or all of your data with our safe and cost effective techniques. Using special data recovery equipment, it is entirely possible that you will lose nothing.

    Here’s what you do:

    • As soon as you suspect a problem, stop trying to solve it yourself. If you’ve unplugged your device and plugged it back in, and it’s still not working, you risk creating more damage by repeatedly fiddling with it. This is especially true if you hear any kind of clicking noise! Turn your device off and call Nerds 2 You to get help.
    • We will use our data recovery equipment to diagnose the problem. Once we know what the problem is, we will send you an official quote. This will give you an exact cost for recovering the contents of your storage device. The quote is exactly what you will pay; we do not hide charges.
    • Once you approve the quote, we will begin working. You can either provide us with a fresh USB hard drive, and we can copy the data for you, or we can provide the hard drive at an additional cost.
    • On the rare occasions when recovering data is impossible, we will let you know, and let you know why. We can offer high quality backup tools to prevent future losses.

    If you suspect a problem, there almost certainly is a problem. By acting quickly, you can usually save the vast majority of your data, prevent headaches and frustration down the road. Nerds 2 You is the safe and reliable way to recover your data. Contact us today.

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