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When you are working on your Internet-connected computer at home, you may suddenly find that something is going wrong. You might see pop-ups that look concerning, or see an error message that you don’t understand. Instead of ignoring it, you can use remote support in Perth to get help with a computer problem right away.

During a remote support situation, Nerds 2 You uses the capabilities of the Internet to log into your computer from our offices and get a sense of what is going on with your computer. We can then access many of the files and systems of your computer to complete simple solutions. We will also give you an idea of what is going wrong with your system.

Remote support is fantastic for businesses where disconnecting one computer from the network is going to cause a problem or packing up the computer and bringing it to our offices is complicated. It can also be helpful for those who don’t have an easy way to get to our location, but you need help in solving their computer problems.

When using remote support, it is important that the technician you are working with is trustworthy. At Nerds 2 You, we pride ourselves on our customer reports and reliable reputation. We will never access any part of your computer without your permission or make any changes without letting you know what is happening.

If you know that your computer is running too slow, seems to have unexpected behavior, or is acting up, but bringing it into our offices for diagnostics seems cumbersome, give us a call to see if our remote support services will meet your needs. We are ready to help you get your computer up and running again today.

Looking for remote computer support?

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