Benefits of EcoTank Printers and How We Can Help Clients Set Them Up

Printing powerhouse Epson’s EcoTank boasts many benefits allowing you to print cheaply and efficiently. Whether you run a busy household or swanky office joint, are a photography fanatic or stressed out student, they have a range of printers to suit everyone’s individual needs. The advantages of this collection will be outlined in this blog post. We’ll also delve into how we can help you get everything up and running should you choose one of these devices.

The Big Bonus Of EcoTank Printers

Bye Bye Ink Cartridges

The biggest bonus of this printing style is that you will no longer have to worry about undergoing the fiddly process of replacing cartridges. These machines are fitted with a fully functional, totally refillable ink tanks. You will see that you can print thousands of pages without having to add a single cartridge to your shopping list. This futuristic solution comes with what Epson deems to be enough ink for two years! True printing paradise! Then, the top up ink bottles are high volume and extremely well priced, with a running cost of less than half a cent per page and only a cent more for colour. Given that all things in the realm of computers are a pricey venture, don’t you want to eliminate costs wherever possible? Investing in an EcoTank is certainly one way in which you can dependably go about this.

An Array of Models

This type of printer caters for all. They can handle:

  • Everyday printing
  • Hi-volume printing
  • B&W printing
  • Photo printing

Epson offers two varieties, the Expression and the Workforce. The latter having work appropriate features such as, scan to email and fax compatibilities. Then, for example, the Expression Premium ET-7700 and ET-7750 both come with a 5 colour ink system which ensures superb photo quality. In general, the models range in price, the amount of pages it can print with the provided ink, sheet paper capacity, whether it has touchscreen etc. Therefore, no matter your budget or requirements, there’s something for everyone.

Wireless Connectivity

This is really a must and pretty much a given for the modern day printer. It is a massive positive because no one wants to have to heft their laptops around or get caught up in reems of cables trying to connect the printer to their computer. However, what we want out of our wireless printer is optimum functionality and an easy to use process. Epson makes wireless printing easy with their iPrint app, which means you can get your documents printed from your smartphone, tablet and other such devices. What’s more, is that you can now email your files or photos directly to the printer. So, if for example, you’re dashing to make that morning meeting you can be rest assured that you’ll be able to swing by your office to collect your necessary papers before hitting the boardroom.

How We Can Help You To Set Up Your EcoTank Printer

At Nerds2You we’re passionate about all things PC. We are on hand and available to help you with any issues you may encounter. We can help you set up your EcoTank printer by coming straight to your office or home. You never have to feel overwhelmed or confused because we will give you all the basic training, tips and tricks you need to secure the smooth running of your device. Our nerds will see that all problems with connectivity are abated too. There’s no query we won’t do our utmost to address. So, if you’re interested in getting an EcoTank printer up and running but want an expert by your side, don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote.


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