Why Business Laptops Are Better than Retail Computers

Whether you’re looking to kit out an office or are a one man show conducting business in your home study, finding the best possible device can seem like a goliath of a task. There are many compelling reasons as to why a business grade laptop outperforms the consumer models in a corporate setting. Moreover, given that our working lives are becoming increasingly blended with our personal exploits it could well be more beneficial to invest in a business class device to ensure you have an all round better experience with your computer.

What to expect when opting for it

Bigger, Better, Stronger, More Powerful

Essentially, when you opt for business grade you’ll come across:

  • Bigger batteries
  • Better security, cooling solutions and warranty
  • Stronger and sturdier parts
  • More powerful processors and GPUs

Isn’t that just the most perfect little shopping list for when you’re enlisting the best virtual assistant? No matter the nature of your company, you will absolutely need superior security solutions. Retail computers are jam packed with junkware. Not only can this provoke security and privacy flareups, but a lot of it is also irritating and irrelevant. In terms of the structure, enterprise laptops are built to last. Clad with metal hinges and just higher quality components in general, you’ll find that business outshines the flimsy consumer computers in its overall hardiness.

Another round in the ring the corporate kind will come out on top of is in relation to functionality. This is because its hardware is adorned with more features so that security is prioritised. Also, because they have longer shelf lives, so warranty is increased and repairing is easier. Furthermore, if you spend 40 hours a week or more with a computer for work activities a business grade laptop will stand you in much better stead in all areas.

More Specific Support Solutions

Major manufacturers will typically offer next business day onsite support for enterprise grade computers. IT vendors such as Dell or HP will deliver this service free of charge if you are in possession of business style laptops. Additionally, the remote computer support tends to be a lot better whereas, with retail devices this whole procedure can be more difficult due to the lack of necessary technologies. Or, at the very least, more time consuming. In the fast paced business world the old aphorism, ‘time is money’ comes strongly into play here. The last thing you want is to be spending your precious trading hours trying to diagnose the problem on some godforsaken chatroom. By going business grade, you’ll secure yourself first class aid should you encounter any technical issues. This will save you and your staff a lot of stress!

Configuration Heaven

If you’re purchasing for a whole office fleet, business style PCs can satisfy the diversity of your corporate environment. They come with a bigger range of custom specs than consumer models as the top dogs allow their business clients to choose everything from battery to keyboard back lighting. In addition, the industry leaders understand that you could be buying for all your different divisions and will help you to customise based on the different needs and requirements of each sector.

Other Considerations When Opting For A Business Computer

When all is said and done, it depends what you want out of your PC. However, productivity in any business setting is key. Subsequently, you must think of what will be the most cost effective option and what can give you optimum functionality. You most certainly don’t want to be decking out an office every year and you need speedy network support. When it comes down to durability and these other vital factors, enterprise models simply surpass their retail cousins.

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