Why Custom Built Computers Are Best

Nowadays, our computing tasks are concrete fixtures in our daily routines. We rely on these trusty machines for business and pleasure. It is mind-blowing to think of all the time we spend with our PCs. How heavily we rely upon them is equally astonishing. Now that we have access to so much information and an array of components, we’re spoilt for choice. Therefore, whether you’re a hardcore gamer, corporate leader or technician wizard, it’s well worth considering custom computers in Perth.

Benefits Of Custom Computers

Pick ‘N’ Mix

Think of the design work behind a custom computer like a sweet shop. Pre-built devices are just one bag of the same flavours pumped out by a big factory. Whereas, with a personalised machine it’s like walking into an olde sweet shop where you can select all your favourites and have them all mixed together in the same bag for the ultimate sweet treat. Nerds2You offers a consultation service where you can outline your needs as a gamer, freelancer, technician etc. We will then cherry pick the best possible parts to satisfy your particular requests. Leave all the configuration to our experts and we’ll see that you can have your cake and get to eat it!

Price < Performance Ratio

More often than not, tailored computers are more cost effective in the sense that the total of their parts offers a better performance at a lower price. Off the shelf products are more expensive because they have extra charges for assembly costs and profit margin considerations. Moreover, as you hash out what exactly you want you can factor in a compromising process in order to be more closely aligned with your budget. It may mean spending less on certain parts but with customisation at least you have this option. This freedom of choice is surely more liberating and fulfilling?

Warranties Come as Standard

Not only do we offer 3 years warranty over our competitors but at Nerds2You, we’re also everywhere! If you should experience any mishaps with your custom computer from us, we would come out to you at home or in the office, saving you time, effort and money. Can you really be bothered to waste an entire morning going through the rigmarole of virtual assistants and listening to awful hold music, to then, have to send out your computer back to the OEM? Basically, with customisation comes speed and efficiency when diagnosing problems and fixing issues. So, therefore, you can get on with your day without hassle.

Repairs and Upgrades

Because the person that designed your computer will be familiar with all its parts and will have gathered them for you in the first place, it will be quick and easy for them to repair your computer. Should the RAM crash, motherboard go haywire or processor be on the blink, they will be able to simply replace it. Same goes with any computer upgrades, forget having to wait around in shops to see your upgrading rights, you can easily have a chat with one of our nerds to see how we can assist you regarding any kind of enhancements and provide you the best computer support in Perth .

Why Should You Buy A Custom Built PC

All in all, custom built computers are such a great way of ensuring that you get everything you want out of a PC. You can do it at a price that suits you whilst also getting maximum quality. If anything was to go wrong it’s much easier to put right and as well as a personalised device, you’ll receive a tailored customer service. Doesn’t a homemade cake taste better? Especially as you can experiment with the ingredients to get the very best flavours. Also, because you know the maker is a master, perhaps a local too (community support!) rather than from a stale factory batch.


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